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Check thy evidence: ibuprofen menace (or not).

“Breaking news! Share urgently! WHO officially stated that drug X should/shouldn’t be administered in COVID-19!” — you could have read online in the last few days. While humanity is on the way to overcome the pandemic infection, it seems that another evil spreads its vile roots, and its name is false and unproven news.

Proteomic assay for Fabry disease

Proteomic assay for Fabry disease Fabry disease (FD) is an X-linked glycosphingolipid lysosomal storage disorder, which affects approximately 1 in 40 000 – 117 000 males. Female patients may have different manifestations of the disease, although its prevalence in females is unknown.

CYSTIC FIBROSIS WORLDWIDE HYGIENE GUIDELINES for People with Cystic Fibrosis when attending CF Related Events

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease, the cause of which is the presence of pathological variants of both copies of CFTR gene. The CFTR protein is a channel, which transfers chloride ions.

Zika Virus: infected cells and their transcriptome

I am reading the infectious disease surveillance data with a certain watchfulness, to be prepared better to face the disease in patients, friends, family. A few years ago my country was at risk to import the Ebola virus disease and in 2016 two cases of Zika virus infection were proved near us, in Poland.

Tumor microenvironment

The survival of tumor cells depends both on their own characteristics and on the parameters of the microenvironment, which consists of vessels, cells of the immune system, connective tissue components and the extracellular matrix, nerve and endocrine cells may also be present.

Early stage mouse embryos

Early stage mouse embryos at the blastomere stage are visualized in this photo. When embryos were presented as two blastomeres, researchers introduced two different color fluorescent proteins inside each one and, according to the color of the daughter blastomeres, it is possible to see from which maternal cell they did originate.

Phagocytosis of neuron

This image was created by Emma Vought from the Medical University of South Carolina, who works there as a multimedia specialist and has a master’s degree in medical illustrations. In the image: microglia phagocytosis of the stressed neuron.

Diagnostic odyssey of patients with mitochondrial diseases. Information about diagnosis, about those who diagnoses and some numbers

🎓Status quo🎓 They contain 37 genes, they are found inside our cells, they are reproduced by binary division, possibly before symbiosis with ancient eukaryotes they lived as independent organisms, and in reproductive biology it is already possible to use them from a healthy donor.

Hope Should Never Be Rare

This article starts with a story about a child who was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress (SMARD) and follows the idea that there is no single country where the health care system would be able to respond to the needs of 100% of patients.