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Hello there,

My name is Oleksandr Petrenko (short version: “Sasha”), and you are reading my website now. I publish here my thoughts, comments, and interesting (for me) stuff. This website is called “mutation.me” for two reasons: first, it was both a science-related and rebel domain I could think of; second, I am interested in human genetics.

I am a human being (also primate; also earthling). I was born in Odesa, Ukraine, and currently live and work in Vienna, Austria, together with my wife. I identify as a global citizen of Ukrainian origin. My ancestors moved to Odes(s)a a few centuries ago, soon after the city was founded, although I am not sure yet from where. Genetic testing is incoming!

I like computers, which I use from the early-2000s, and support the open-source movement. The concept of federated internet makes sense to me. As a graduate of a debate school, I believe in a critical and facts-based approach in polemics. I think that any human deserves equal opportunities and to be fairly treated independently of origin, gender, age, genetics, position in society, etc.

I speak English, lerne Deutsch, розмовляю українською, использую русский.

My professional CV is attached below. Briefly, I graduated from a medical university in Ukraine and had an opportunity to work in different clinical and scientific institutions. Currently, I am doing my best in a PhD program of CeMM & LBI-RUD, and our laboratory is located in the Medical University of Vienna. On the way here (also now), I was volunteering or working pro bono in different non-governmental organizations; currently, my colleagues and I promoting omics and bioinformatics in Ukraine via our organization Genomics UA.

Among important events of my career, Many Languages, One World 2016. Then, I was selected to work on the Sustainable Development Goals agenda as a part of an international team and to present our discussion results in the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. Since then, my biggest achievement is to know many bright folks from all over the world.

Enjoy, stay in touch and don’t hesitate to write me.